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Summer Must-Have Skincare Products


Summer is around the corner and that means we need to pull out the products we stopped using for the winter! This is a small reminder of the products that will help your skin the most during the summer and a few recommendations!




This product is absolutely mandatory. Without this product, your skin will become very dry and damaged from the sun. Sun damage is also very hard to take care of after, as moles and freckles may appear. We recommend CRÈME SOLAIRE de STELLA, an amazing sunscreen from our brand.




Because of the hot weather during the summer, it tends to make our skin more dry and oily. Using moisturizer everyday will help solve those problems. We recommend our Cremes, which are offered in different series that help improve specific problems.




Your skin may feel off due to the season change, which face masks are made to help solve. Using face masks will help relax and calm your skin, which will help prevent breakouts or any problems that may occur due to the season change. Masques sold at Challan de Paris, are a huge recommendation, as they are sold under different series, similar to the moisturizers.




Facial Spray is a must for the summer also. You can pull it out whenever your skin needs a quick fix, and it will help refresh your face. They come from different scents to different uses, and are sold usually at your local drugstore or makeup store.




Blotting papers are definitely something that should be with you all the time. During the summer, the weather is pretty hot which will cause us to sweat. Some people may see that their T-Zone is very oily, which blotting papers will help fix right away. Whenever you feel oily, take your blotting papers out and tap the areas that feel oily. This will help take all the oil off temporary, as you may see yourself using them a few times throughout the day. These are also found at your local drugstore or makeup store!





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