Petite Ampoule Charms
Petite Ampoule CharmsPetite Ampoule CharmsPetite Ampoule CharmsPetite Ampoule Charms

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Challans de Paris is the best K-Beauty Skin care Brand.

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What is it?
It is the perfect way to meet Challans de Paris' Best Sellers, 5 Beautiful Ampoules. Packed in 5 Petite Bottles to give you the best opportunities to experience All in One Package.

Ampoule de Aurora: Redness, Troubled Skin
Ampoule de Stella: Pore Tightening
Ampoule de Albarosa: Darkspot & Freckle Care
Ampoule de Memoria: Wrinkle Lifting
Ampoule de Aqua: Deep Hydration Care

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Challans de Paris proudly presents,

Petite Ampoule Charms

Small bottles of Challans de Paris' best-selling Ampoules, all in ONE Box.

Experience luxurious skincare with

Petite Ampoule Charms

  • Ampoule de Aurora: redness, damaged skin

  • Ampoule de Albarosa: freckles, dark spots

  • Ampoule de Stella: pore tightening

  • Ampoule de Memoria: wrinkle lifting

  • Ampoule de Aqua: deep hydration


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