(Pre-Order) Petite Ampoule Charms
(Pre-Order) Petite Ampoule Charms(Pre-Order) Petite Ampoule Charms(Pre-Order) Petite Ampoule Charms

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Challans de Paris is the best K-Beauty Skin care Brand.

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Challans de Paris Proudly Presents

Petite Ampoule Charms

Small Bottles of Challans de Paris' Best Selling Ampoules in ONE Box.

Experience Luxurious Skincare with

Petite Ampoule Charms

  • Ampoule de Aurora : Redness, Damaged Skin

  • Ampoule de Albarosa: Freckles, Darkspots

  • Ampoule de Stella: Large Pore TIghtening

  • Ampoule de Memoria: Wrinkle Lifting

  • Ampoule de Aqua: Deep Hydration


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