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[Super Sale Secret Link☞] How to minimize large pores! Professional Tips for Pore Tightening (c)

I’ve been stressed out lately because of my large pores, 

but I am finally seeing the successful effect of the masque packs!

 I finally have one of my biggest worries figured out!


"For Pore tightening, you must use 

Challans de Paris’s STELLA SERIES."


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I still cannot believe that I see more progress with my pores
with Challans de Paris and self-care, instead of care from professionals.

I didn’t notice but my pores got wider from all the huge impact… 


 I tried so many face masks to help with my skin, but I never found one I loved.

My skin lost it’s natural glow and strength, I just lived with skin with no answer to it’s problems.

 My friend recommended trying skincare from the Challans de Paris’s Stella mask.


  ※ You’ll be even more surprised when you see the pictures without makeup!



My wide pores are all over the center of my face, so it looks very prominent whenever you take a first look at my face.

I also experience a lot of redness on my cheeks and seborrheic dermatitis under my lips.

My self-confidence has been dropping because of my skin and I wonder everyday if it is even possible to regain all of that back.


꒰ As a result of using the face masks 2-3 times a week,.. 




The texture of my skin is unbelievable.

Not only does it look smooth, but there’s a natural glow peaking through.

The pore tightening effect is crazy, I cannot believe it actually worked ᵎᵎᵎ

I can finally proudly say reducing my large pores is a success now!!!


My god!!

Even when I used primer, you could see my large pores.

Now, my makeup looks flawless and my pores look smaller thanks to my skin regaining back its strength from the Stella mask. :P

I know it’s impossible to make my large pores disappear,

but every time I meet my friends I always hear that my skin has improved

and that the skincare I use must have a great impact in helping reduce

my problematic areas:D


I tend to let everyone around me know about the products I love!

I’ve been telling so much people about this products,

I’m worried it will be sold out and there won’t be any more discounts..


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I am also sending a link to those who recommended this to me!

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 Challans de Paris :: STELLA Mask      

In every masque pack, there are 10 face masks!

Masque de Stella was the first Challans de Paris product

I tried out and made me fall in love.

The design and packaging of the blue box was very luxurious and very pretty.



This mask is very highly concentrated!

It says it contains SCI-level ingredients and the sheet is made out of 100% organic cotton which I love! 


I have been worried about my pores for a long time now,

but as I started to get in the habit of using face masks often, my pores have been so much better.

My skin tends to heat up easily too,

but this mask really solved all those problems.

After using this mask, I could tell an instant change of my skin.

It feels soothing and my pores even seem smaller.

I’m guessing it’s all because of how highly concentrated the mask is!!


I forgot to take off my face mask for around 30 minutes, but this mask is still so moist and hydrating.

It didn’t dry out like other masks!✦



​Before & 1 week use & 2 weeks use


The product that helps and tightens expanded pores and excess sebum!


I took a picture of my skin after this face mask and it looks so hydrated and dewey.

I can’t stop looking at the pictures because it’s unbelievable that that’s my skin.


I think it’s the glacial water that’s one of the ingredients,

because my skin feels so cool and soothed.

My pores feel like they are reducing in size because it feels so nice.


Investing 15 minutes a day is not difficult at all,

but you get instant pore reducing and soothing sensations.

You can even see it right after! 

(my skin is glowing!!)


Can you see the changes?

I’ve tried so many products for my pores but none of them would work. 

I finally tried out Challans de Paris and it’s crazy how quickly my pores look reduced in size.

I’m basically addicted! The tightness of my skin is amazing

I feel like all of Challans de Paris products have a greater effect when you use them altogether.

The more products I used within the line, the more I felt better in my skin!


★Stella Complete Series Steps★








After using the Stella series in the correct order, my dull skin has become clear and my pores are definitely improved. 

My skin is smooth and feels so much more stiffer and tighter!  I can tell all the nutrients in the skincare has helped my skin!

This series really helps keep your moisture and hydration, while helping to work with your problematic pores.

I do not think I will be using any other skincare than Stella Complete Series!!!



Please use this skincare line at home!! You won’t regret it at all!


Try out the Stella Pore Care Complete Series with a discounted price!!


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