Skin Care Facts & Tips

  •   In this pandemic, it is important to make sure you are keeping clean. Beauty is also a factor that comes into talk when keeping clean. Make sure you are taking in these tips and tricks in order to make sure you are doing the best to be clean and avoid COVID-19.   Skin care for restoration Wipes... View Post
  •   There are many makeup mistakes that many people do without knowing it is a mistake. I’m here to tell you what they are and why they are, and hopefully change your makeup routine!   Applying Before Moisturizing   If you are applying makeup before moisturizer, you are doing it completely wrong... View Post
  •   Stress and Anxiety could be the main reason behind the problems you may be seeing on your skin, body, or even wellbeing. If you feel like you are having a hard time and you want to try to relax and reduce the overall amount of stress you are receiving, read more.   Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol ... View Post
  • It’s been a rough past couple of weeks, and we’ve all been asked to practice social distancing. Most of us are probably at home at all times, which means grooming ourselves are completely up to us. We can’t go to the salon to get our nails and hair done or even go shopping for some new makeup! So... View Post
  • Splashing some water on your face, rubbing in cleanser, and rinsing may seem like the proper way to wash your face, but that is not true. That is the wrong way and may cause problems to your skin in the future. Here are a few ways to fix it!   Use the Right Water Temperature. Hot or Cold water ... View Post