Skin Care Facts & Tips

  •   Summer is around the corner and that means we need to pull out the products we stopped using for the winter! This is a small reminder of the products that will help your skin the most during the summer and a few recommendations!   SUNSCREEN   This product is absolutely mandatory. Without this... View Post
  • There have been many new products introduced into the Challan de Paris brand, which also include things that must be used in order to take care of your skin’s health. These products will not only help protect your skin, it will change it completely and lead you into having amazing, glowy skin.   ... View Post
  • What is a sheet mask?

    Challans de Paris Masques, sheet masks are face-shaped fabric masks that are soaked in skin care solution. Most of sheet masks are made with papers, however, Challans de Paris masques are made with 100% organic cotton fiber to give a long-lasting skin care experience. Unlike paste type peel-off o... View Post
  • At Home Facials

     Since we have lots of time on our hands, why don’t you try an easy, at-home facial? Most of your facial appointments are probably canceled because of COVID, but those can wait. Using these at-home facials can help your skin with fresh and healthy products in a quick time.   Here are the steps in... View Post
  •   In this pandemic, it is important to make sure you are keeping clean. Beauty is also a factor that comes into talk when keeping clean. Make sure you are taking in these tips and tricks in order to make sure you are doing the best to be clean and avoid COVID-19.   Skin care for restoration Wipes... View Post





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