Skin Care Facts & Tips

  • Do you work out?

    Do you work out? We try our best to go to our old-selves. However, there is one thing you cannot take away from our lives anymore. FACE MASK and we need to wear them everyday even at the gym. Wearing face mask at the gym is necessary but will give you unwanted irritation and even break... View Post
  • Cold Weather? Don't worry!

    Is your area getting colder everyday? Cold weather = Dry Skin Dry Skin = More likely to have Skin Trouble Skin Trouble = :( Recharge your skin with moisture   Challans de Paris' Aqua Series will recharge your skin   ... View Post
  • Maskne Care

    What is Maskne? and do I have it too?   Sad but it's true. Our everyday protection from Covid-19 is harming our skin. Wearing facial protection will create friction and heat while it traps moisture underneath it. Which will eventually merge with a... View Post
  •   Summer is around the corner and that means we need to pull out the products we stopped using for the winter! This is a small reminder of the products that will help your skin the most during the summer and a few recommendations!   SUNSCREEN   This product is absolutely mandatory. Without this... View Post
  • There have been many new products introduced into the Challan de Paris brand, which also include things that must be used in order to take care of your skin’s health. These products will not only help protect your skin, it will change it completely and lead you into having amazing, glowy skin.   ... View Post





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