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Shipping Q&A

  • Where is my package being shipped from?

Challans de Paris has our warehouse in Arizona. And all of our products are shipped from Arizona.

  • How long is the delivery.

Challans de Paris has its partnership with USPS. And all our regular shippings are usually within 5 business days.
If you selected USPS priority mail, the shipping will take 2~3 business days.
However, due to Covid 19, some packages may take a little longer than usual.

  • I haven't received any tracking information.

1. Did you provide Challans de Paris your email? Challans de Paris automatically send you the tracking info via e-mail.
If you have not put your email, simply send an e-mail to with your name and order number.

2. Did you buy a pre order item?
There are some pre order items on Challans de Paris. And there is shipping date written on the page.

  • I haven't receive the package but my status says it is delivered.

Contact your local USPS immidiately and let then know the situation. And when it's done, let Challans de Paris know so we can help you get your package asap.

  • Can I order Challans de Paris outside of the US?

Challans de Paris welcomes most orders outside of the US. However, shipping rate can be different due to its international rate and your package can be subjected to import charge according to the import of receiving country. 







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