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Common Mistakes People Make With Their Skin


There are so many mistakes that people make with their skin that they do not know. It really damages the skin, by the end of a few months, you will have to be investing in products that fix it. The mistakes that will be talked about in this blog, will let you know the quick fix to these mistakes and how to avoid them!

  1. Not using the products for your specific skin type.


This is a big NO. If you have a different skin type than the product specifies for, you are making a big mistake. Your skin is unique, and it needs specific products that are made for it to make it better. Even if your skin is clear, you need to keep caring for it to constantly get the same results. If you are trying to find out your skin type, take a skin type quiz! It will let you know which skin type you are. Even by doing this, you are one step in avoiding this common mistake.


  1. Not wearing sunscreen daily.


If you are not wearing sunscreen daily, you are damaging your skin. Even if it’s snowing or raining outside, wear sunscreen. Sunscreen protects our skin from dark spots and even acne. In the future, you will be relieved that you wore sunscreen every day, as your skin will be healthier than not wearing it often. It’s okay if you miss a day, but if you remember to put it on before your makeup, then put it on! A few makeup products with SPF is also good for your skin, if you are looking to find makeup with sunscreen in it.


  1. Overusing Moisturizer.


You may ask, how much is too much? It depends, but usually a nickel size is enough for your skin (and may be too much for a few people). Too much is multiple layers of lotion. If you are putting on multiple layers because you want to make sure your skin is hydrated, you are actually damaging it as your skin needs to breathe. If your skin cannot breathe, it’ll cause acne and redness.


  1. Using Exfoliating Products more than Twice a Week.


If you are using exfoliating products for your skin, good job! Exfoliating is very good for your skin as it makes sure you are taking excess dirt and oil off and really deep cleaning. If you are using it more than twice a week, stop now. You are completely damaging your skin. Exfoliating is only made for a few times a month, as it really is ripping and hurting your skin cells because exfoliating products have an ingredient that can be harsh on the skin when used often.


  1. Wrongfully caring for your acne.


If you have acne and you tend to pick or pop blemishes, then you are wrongfully caring for your acne. I know it may be hard to touch it, but with the bacteria that travels on your hands to your skin, it will cause even more breakouts. One step in making sure you are not making this mistake is stopping yourself from touching your face. It’s okay if you do it once in a while as you did not notice, but make sure you stop and wash your hands often. 






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