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At Home Facials

 Since we have lots of time on our hands, why don’t you try an easy, at-home facial? Most of your facial appointments are probably canceled because of COVID, but those can wait. Using these at-home facials can help your skin with fresh and healthy products in a quick time.


Here are the steps in making it feel like a spa experience at home:


  1. Cleanse your skin! With luke-warm water, cleanse your skin with a facial cleanser that matches your skin type.


  1. Steam your skin. This will help your pores open up, and as you take the next few steps, it will take out all excess oil and dirt. An easy way to steam your skin is placing a warm towel onto your skin for a few minutes, or placing a towel on your face and then placing your head over a pot of warm to hot water with essential oils. Be careful, as it can burn if you come in contact with the hot water.


  1. Exfoliate! Try a scrub, to take out all dead skin cells.


  1. Apply a mask. After washing off the scrub, use a mask that targets your skin type or problems.


We highly recommend the masques sold from Challan de Paris. These face masks are great in targeting small problems and fixing those from the root. They sell masks that target all skin types, so check them out.


  1. Massage your skin. After around 10-15 minutes of using a mask, massage your face, focusing the movement upward. Massaging will help oxygen deliver rich blood to the skin.


  1. Tone your skin. Use a toner of your choice with cotton pads to hydrate and balance the pH levels of your skin.


Challan de Paris holds many amazing Tonqiues, that are sold in variety focusing on any skin type.


  1. Serum and Moisturizer. Use a concentrated serum or ampoule first, to hydrate your skin and follow with a moisturizer to moisturize the skin.


We also recommend Challan de Paris’s ampoules & cremes, as they are also sold for every skin type and a great product if you are looking for a new skincare product to try out!


  1. Lastly, moisturize your lips and eyes! Use a lip balm or chapstick for your lips and use an eye cream to make sure your eyes are getting the proper nutrients.





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