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What is a sheet mask?

Challans de Paris Masques, sheet masks are face-shaped fabric masks that are soaked in skin care solution. Most of sheet masks are made with papers, however, Challans de Paris masques are made with 100% organic cotton fiber to give a long-lasting skin care experience.

Unlike paste type peel-off or wash-off masks which you need to apply and wash off, sheet masks are easy to apply onto your face and remove it when you are done.


How do I use a sheet mask?

If you are into skin care, sheet masks are must-to-add routine to your daily care, and it is super easy.

Apply a sheet mask onto your clean face (look for holes for your eyes and nose line) and leave the mask on for 20~30 minutes. Then take the it off and admire your beautiful skin.

To maximize the result, add few more steps to your routine.

  1. Apply Tonique onto your face before applying a sheet mask to smooth out the surface of your face.
  2. When mask is taken off, tap your face gently with your fingers to maximize the absorption.
  3. Apply Crème onto your face to trap all the nutrition in your face and add moisture.


Dos and Don’ts


  1. Do use a sheet mask daily or every other day.

Sheet masks are the easiest way to nourish your face. Your face needs right nutrients to stay healthy. 

  1. Do use the “Right” sheet mask

Due to its popularity, there are many cheap, low quality sheet masks out there. However, you need the right solution to your needs. It’s simple! “Eat healthy to stay healthy.”

  1. Do store your masks in your refrigerator.

It is true! Keeping your masks in your fridge and applying them while its cool can give you better soothing sensation. It also prevents morning puffy face.



  1. Don’t leave the mask on your face for too long

Some people think leaving the mask on for a longer period of time is better for the skin. However, the right time to remove your sheet mask is after 20~30 minutes when it is still moist. Research shows that leaving your masks on for too long could dry your skin.

  1. Don’t use cheap sheet masks

Sheet masks are nutrients to your face. Yes, you can survive with cheap hot dog every day. But why would you do that?














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