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Cushions for Specific Skin Type


As it may be known, every skin type has specific skincare products that are made for it. Even makeup is made specifically for different skin types, in which Challan De Paris has. These cushions are for those who look to balance your skin and cover yet wanting a light makeup look. Although the foundation may be better in coverage and for a full glam look, this is always a go-to!




This cushion has been available for quite a long time but is an all-time favorite. This cushion covers any flaws and provides UV protection, as SPF is included in the formula. This cushion is great on all skincare types and is not made specifically for one. Just simply tap the skin, and you will have a natural and flawless look.





This cushion is great for those who need hydration or have problems with rough patches. This is a hydrating formula, so for those who need extra hydration cover, this is perfect for you! It does not leave the skin matte, so it keeps it dewy, and looking very moisturized. This also makes sure your skin is looking flawless, as coverage is amazing. Try it out!




This cushion is made for those who have oily skin. This is a matte version of the original cushion, which makes sure your skin is not oily throughout the entire day. It makes sure that your skin is also left flawless and no blemishes are shown. It is long-lasting and can be easily fixed on the go as it is very light and small.



*Cushion Refills are also available, as they are recommended for the best flawless look in switching on cushion pads after a while.







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