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Try a 4-step Korean skincare routine (Challan De Paris)

South Korea is known to have amazing skincare products that heal every skincare need. A 10-step skincare routine is known to be something normal there, and it has been becoming as a trend in the United States. If you want to try this, but do not want to spend a crazy amount of money on skincare, try this shortened 4-step skincare routine that still does wonders.


This specific skincare routine is made for after your take your makeup off and cleanse your face with your favorite skin cleanser!

  1. Toner

The very first step for your skincare routine is toner. Depending on your skin type, use the toner that is made for your specific skin. This will cleanse and take out any excess makeup left on your skin after washing your face, leaving it refreshed.

  1. Essence

For the second step, it is an essence. Essence will make your skin is hydrated and re-balanced. Since this a highly concentrated formula, this product will specifically target places that need hydration or rebalancing. 

  1. Ampoule

An Ampoule is a supercharged serum. This is the next step, in which it is a booster for places that your skin is having a crisis of some sort. It comes in smaller bottles with droppers, which is a sign you must not overuse this product and it is very highly concentrated. This product will make sure the parts of your skin you are having problems are protected.

  1. Crème

Lastly the fourth step. The Crème will moisturize your skin. This will give your skin the ending finish as you started from toner. It will give your skin a barrier so it is protected, so if you are putting on makeup or going to sleep, it will protect it from extra oil or damaging from makeup products.


A sheet mask can be included, but it is not recommended to put one on every day. Once a week will make sure your skin is hydrated but putting it on every night may be too much for your skin to handle!





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