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How to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is really hard, as we all have times where we want to stop and give up everything. But when we are motivated, we do everything we have to do and eventually become confident and happy. The feeling of motivation of Skincare can be lost in a few days, and even a few seconds. In which is a few tips in making sure your motivation is intact.


  1. Think Long Term Effects.


If you do not take your makeup off one night, thinking, “it’s okay, it’s just this once”, then think of long-term effects. With your makeup sitting on your face for more than 24 hours, think of all the chemicals it is doing to your beautiful skin below.


  1. Take your makeup off right when you get home.


If you do this, you won’t have to do it after laying on your bed and feeling how comfortable it is. This step is a lifesaver, even if you may feel lazy to do so when you get home.


  1. Put your Skincare Products Near Your Bed.


You may feel like this is funny, but if you do it, then you won’t feel lazy. You won’t have to get up to put on your skincare, and even better, it’s right next to you. This is easy and will save your skin from a mistake that will eventually become into habits.


  1. Watch Youtube Videos.


Watch Beauty videos. Usually from these, you get motivated to get the skin that most people appear to have on videos. This is not saying your skin is not beautiful or It has to look like those who have amazing, perfect skin. This is just an idea in making you take your makeup off and do your skincare routine. By watching a few YouTube videos, you can get motivated and get up to take care of your skin. Do this tip every night, and you’ll achieve that goal.


  1. Think of Acne.


If you sleep with your makeup or even forget to do your skincare routine after washing your face, then think of acne. Acne will for sure show up, if you do not do these steps. Think of all the pimples that may show up the next day if you miss out on one small daily step.






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