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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid


There are many makeup mistakes that many people do without knowing it is a mistake. I’m here to tell you what they are and why they are, and hopefully change your makeup routine!


  1. Applying Before Moisturizing


If you are applying makeup before moisturizer, you are doing it completely wrong. Dry Skin is your worst enemy, when applying makeup. It will completely ruin the texture and you won’t be happy with the result. If you apply moisturizer before, it will fix those problems and protect your skin from the makeup.


  1. Wrong Shades


If you are putting on your makeup and feel like it looks too dark or light, maybe you need a different shade. A wrong shade of makeup will look even worse in the sunlight. The best way to find your match is getting help from a makeup store worker or matching the makeup in the correct lighting. Lighting will help it in the best way, as you’ll know if it matches or not.


  1. Too Much of…

If you are putting on over excess amounts of foundation, concealer, blush, or even mascara, please stop! It really is not good for the skin as it is carrying all the makeup that is not needed. A nickel size of makeup is truly enough for your skin. If you have acne or blemishes, cover it up with concealer. Too much of everything may cause your finished look to look cakey and not appealing.


  1. Applying Makeup in the Wrong Places!


Make sure you are applying makeup in the correct places. For example, highlighter. If you are applying highlighter on the wrong places of your face, it will look weird. Highlighter is made to shine the places of your face that should be, but if you are applying it somewhere else, it will look unappealing. The correct places should be under your eyebrows, your nose, cheekbone, and cupids bow. There are more spots, but these are the main spots in making sure the highlighter is applied in the correct spot.


  1. Sleeping with Makeup On


Sleeping with makeup on is the worst thing you can do to your skin. There are many chemicals in the makeup, and it has probably been on your skin for throughout the entire day. Taking it off before you sleep is the best, in which will protect the skin from problems. It will keep your skin healthy and prevent it from future problems.





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