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COVID Beauty Tips and Tricks


In this pandemic, it is important to make sure you are keeping clean. Beauty is also a factor that comes into talk when keeping clean. Make sure you are taking in these tips and tricks in order to make sure you are doing the best to be clean and avoid COVID-19.


Skin care for restoration

Wipes are a great way to kill COVID and remove your makeup, in an easy step. They can always dry out your face after you use them and cleanse your face, so it is important to make sure you apply moisturizer after you wash your face.


            We recommend the Cremes that are sold at Challan de Paris, they are great             at keeping your face moisturized and hydrated. They have different cremes      for different skin types, which makes sure you find the correct moisturizer             for your skin. Go check them out!


Stress Acne

Acne comes up when you are stressed, or even eating unhealthily. During this crazy time, most people are at home usually relying on food to release their stress or satisfy their boredom. It can be super frustrating to see acne on your face, so we have the solution for you! Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and keep a steady, healthy diet. These steps will help the acne go away and prevent future breakouts. Also, don’t touch your face.


For skincare, we definitely recommend trying out the Aurora products from Challan de Paris. The Aurora series helps acne and redness issues. It will help prevent future breakouts and if you include them into your daily skincare routine, you won’t regret it. Watch your face begin to look free of acne and completely reborn!


Keep up your Daily Skincare Routine

Since we have lots of time in our hands, take some of that time towards your skincare routine. Every day, after cleansing your face, do a skincare routine. Use the time we have from this pandemic to come out of it looking amazing!





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